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20 years of dereliction

Letter from Samantha Jones to the Richmond and Twickenham Times

27 October 2003


After 20 years of dereliction and failed plans for improving the former Twickenham swimming pool site, the council has yet another failed plan. It has been called in by the Secretary of State as the council did not propose a long-term scheme for the site. Instead a stop-gap solution of a large fenced area and a small playground was proposed. Why can the council not come up with a viable, long-term plan for the site, with community support?

It appears that the council advisors are not providing useful, value-for-money advice. These advisors seem not to take account of planning regulations when proposing schemes, let alone the public. Surely by now the council should be working in concert with local interest groups to produce a long-term scheme that will satisfy all concerned, and preventing another twenty years of stalemate. It is time for the council to review their relationship with their advisors and finally take notice of the public’s views.

Yours faithfully

Samantha Jones

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