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A riverside in trust for the community

Response: Sarah Hathaway

This is a letter to register my support for the Twickenham’s old Swimming Bath site to be turned into a Public Park using the plan submitted by the late Ken Hathaway, ARIBA.

I would like to register my very strong objection to the plan submitted by the Dawnay Day Development; planning application of the 28th September 2001. Ref 01/2584/ful+01/2583/CAC.

This is an opportunity for the town of Twickenham to have a unique riverfront using the Ken Hathaway plan, allowing the community of Twickenham to fully use this beautiful riverside area.

An area such as this would provide a sense of center for the town building even stronger community identification, enhancing the already unique beauty of the riverside with the pub, the church and York House Gardens. This area with its historical interest is in desperate need of conservation and sympathetic landscaping, which the Ken Hathaway plan offers. The people of Twickenham would be able to enjoy this beautiful park where you can sit and enjoy the river to meet friends after shopping on the High Street, before enjoying one of the many local restaurants.

Over 30 years ago I shared my fathers vision while walking with him along the riverfront in Twickenham as he talked about the idea that would enhance the whole town. A place for the whole community to share and enjoy, bring with it a sense of beauty and serenity to have a riverfront, just a step away from The High Street. One could walk and sit in gardens enriching ones experience of the surrounding area.

I believe that this plan would benefit the daily lives for the people of Twickenham in so many ways raising the tempo of the area and the beneficial effect that it would have on the surrounding businesses and community.

I look at the proposed development from Dawnay Day Development, with my Honors Degree in 3 D design, and I see it as over scaled and claustrophobic idea with no or very little community benefit that would be of any lasting value; stealing an opportunity from the town, giving nothing but a revocable limited public access that the public would not feel comfortable to use or be able to use in the short time frame they are proposing.

I grew up in Twickenham; my family home is in Strawberry hill. For this one time, I would like to see the idea of wealth revalued not with the monetary gain for the Dawnay Day Development Plan which would only line a very few pockets, but as the sense of wealth for all the people of Twickenham enhancing the environment for generations to come.

This letter is not motivated by the altruist’s interest of the proposed idea of calling the park the Ken Hathaway Memorial Park. I can hear my father laughing and say in my imagination “what a daft name for the park” but calling it the Twickenham Riverside Community Park because that is what it will be.

Sarah Hathaway
Sausilito, California & Strawberry Hill

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