Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

An exemplar green Twickenham Riverside

Your claimed environmentally conscious Council appears to be blind to the fact that there is at present green usable public open space behind the hoarding surrounding the old Riverside Twickenham Swimming Pool site.

Your Council are spending £135,000.00 on a consultant property expert between now and September 07, and a sum of £45,000 a year for a new Council officer for the period 07-09. All in order to facilitate a developer to build bricks and mortar, flats, restaurants on this site.

Be aware that in the year 05-06 £470,000 was spent on reports and documents, for this site. There has been expenditure year on year since 1982. A grand total of at least £695,000 for the years 05 to 09 alone.

The Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group proposal is for the existing playground and café, to stay in use, and to open up to the public the open space at present barricaded from use.

TRTG says it is time to stop this extravagant expenditure on reports and documentation.

TRTG have costed their own open space plans and for £520,000 this land could be landscaped and returned to public use in a matter of months. This would benefit all ages of the community, satisfy the provision and importance of public open space in accordance with the UDP inquiry in 2004 and help give much needed credence to the green aspirations of the present Council.

The other excellent community educational and river orientated proposal The Environmental Trust of Richmond on Thames River Centre would have time to raise its own funds, and as a consequence not be subject to developer influence.

Ensure that the existing successful playground remains on its present location, and enable the enlargement of the present café so that it can serve hot meals.

Importantly it will ensure that community owned land remains for future generations to use.

The Council holds this land in trust for the community. Future generations will wish to know how such a usable public asset could lie derelict for over 27 years. The importance of conservation is apparently now your Council’s priority, with this comes the responsibility of ensuring it is carried out. Community resources must be conserved in deed as well as word particularly where they are in a uniquely beautiful setting. The present popular playground, café and other landscape amenity were financed out of Council funds, your Council can improve on that step in the right direction.

If you care about the future of Twickenham Pool site and wish for permanent public use of the whole site, including public open space a children’s play area, toilets and a café.

All this is achievable for less cost than the Council plans to spend on the paperwork that will enable a developer to build on this site.

Assist us in this aim by writing to the present Council. E mail your ward councillors or the leader

Time to tell your Council to stop wasting money on paper and use that money to create green public open space.

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