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A riverside in trust for the community

January 26, 2017
by Martin
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Community Uses on the Riverside?

The latest Richmond Council proposals for the Riverside (Twickenham Rediscovered) suggest that the “community” component of the scheme will be satisfied by “ a ‘hub’ for the local community, spaces for enjoyment by all …additional public space at the top … Continue reading


August 5, 2016
by Martin
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TRTG: Latest Suggestions

What to do on the Riverside? The Councils consultation exercise on how to modify the Quinlan Terry scheme is about to start. We have been encouraged by the Riverside Action Group (RAG) to  publicise our work in the spirit of … Continue reading

November 30, -0001
by Wildcat

The approved Planning Application 09/0914/FUL

Planning Application This is the application by TRTG that was granted planning Permission in Febuary 2011. Document granting planning permission. TRTG’s Ron Chappell says, ‘This is  Scenario 1 of the Councils All in One consultation and questionaire for the Twickenham Area … Continue reading