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Complete details of Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group’s planning application for the riverside phase two

Planning Application 12/0719 /FUL
Proposals for Twickenham Swimming Pool; Bath House, Cafe Building &Toilets. Refurbishment & Additional Accommodation.
March 2012:Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

The Application
This Application is submitted by TRTG, and is for Phase 2 of the renewal and return of the former Twickenham Pool Site to beneficial public use.

Phase 1 is now under construction by the Council, utilizing a Planning Approval 09/901, initiated by TRTG, which will result in the creation of the Jubilee Park.

Phase 2 will, through the refurbishment , and provision of additional accommodation to the existing buildings on the site, provide a new riverside community facility including meeting spaces, gallery and potential exhibition space and shared offices for community based and social enterprise organizations.

Summary Description
Phase 2 is an application for the refurbishment and additional accommodation for the existing site buildings, namely:-

1. The Superintendents House, known as the Bath house and at present providing accommodation for HANDS (Help a Neighbour in distress).

2. The original pool side Cafe and restaurant to provide community meeting, conference, museum, exhibition space and a community, shared office facility allowing hot desking and the provision of offices services. for a number of charity and other social enterprise organizations.
Proposals for Twickenham Swimming Pool; Bath House, Cafe Building &Toilets. Refurbishment & Additional Accommodation.

3. A reorganization of the two original public toilets on the site (off the Service Road and Water Lane/Embankment) to provide Disabled Access and improved facilities. The Water Lane public toilet, will be provided with an upper level for a cafe and viewing terrace.

All Buildings will be refurbished, have an extra floor added and be provided with lightweight, barrel vaulted roof roofs, reflecting other new buildings along the river in Twickenham. ( i.e. The Cafe Building on the Pool site proper and Phoenix Wharf, Eel Pie Island. An open, viewing terrace will be provided on the upper floor of both the Bath House and the Public Toilets, to provide much requested public panoramic viewing places of the active river landscape within the project.

More detail structural investigations within the buildings are required to establish the best location of a lift on the site to provide Disabled Access to all levels. However this Application includes a new external lift between Embankment level and Terrace /Pool level. This is accessed via the new Disabled Toilet located in the garage attached to the Bath House.

Purpose of this Application
This Application is intended to demonstrate that the existing buildings can be refurbished economically, practically, and in doing so, show that such a project will directly assist the regeneration of the area and contribute in the long term to the environmental improvements in and around the Twickenham Town Centre and particularly on the Riverside.

The new community office facility within the buildings will help to provide the revenue for the maintenance, upkeep & improvement of the whole site.

As a first stage planning permission is required to ensure that the Council approves & agrees these changes and that they meet Conservation Area requirements including Previous Planning Inspectors Reports and  guidelines.

The Project in the wider planning context
It is our submission that the approval of this Application would not in any significant way inhibit the core proposal for the T1 Site, as set out by the Council in recent Consultation documents . The only area where there might be difficulty is the proposal by the Council to relocate Embankment parking to the service Road area.
The proposal to remove car parking from the Embankment, annex a large part of the recently improved Twickenham Pool site in order to create parking spaces and create new open space on the Embankment appears inappropriately grand and expensive.

This proposal we have previously commented upon and remain convinced that such a proposal is damaging to improvements already secured and the future of the mature established Hornbeam Trees on the Service Road

Key issues that this scheme answers positively are:-
• It is compatible with improvement of the wider area, including King St frontage
• It is compatible with the redevelopment of the Car park site
• It will enhance the Conservation Area immediately
• It meets the conditions laid down in policy BLT1 and the description of
Conservation Area 8
• It will enhance the Thames Policy Area
• It meets the conditions laid down in policy ENV26
• It takes account of the vehicular and other access needs of river users, local residents and businesses The service road remains as now, but it could be continued though to Water Lane.
• Determining the future of the site will make a significant contribution to achieving the strategic policies of the Thames Landscape Strategy
• It will directly promote the use and enjoyment of the river and riverside through uses such as public open space, cafés and restaurants.
• It complements the public open space of the Jubilee Garden.

Follow the progress of the planning application on the Council website

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