Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

Developing the design

Everyone interested in progressing the Twickenham Riverside Terrace project is invited to participate in formulating and co-ordinating a design development brief. Assistance is also needed in preparing and illustrating design solutions.

The aim is to prepare more detailed proposals based on the scheme that received planning consent on 3 September 2001, to indicate possible additional ancillary or enabling development at the site and to devise alternative options and funding strategies.

For those unfamiliar with the present scheme, planning permission was granted to:

  • Demolish the 1st floor swimming pool changing rooms
  • Modify the ground floor (embankment level) for use as new public WCs,coffee shop, tourist office and boat booking office
  • Demolish existing public WCs
  • Retain existing bathhouse for existing voluntary social services
  • Lay out remaining land as public park with tree planting, grass area, steps and paved paths and terrace

The permission is subject to conditions covering matters such as:

  • Details of shop fronts and railings to terrace
  • Materials and details of external surfaces of the building and paving
  • Erection of 1.8m high fence on NW and SE boundaries
  • Details of hard and soft landscaping works, including furniture, equipment, services, to take account of the scope for enhancing the nature conservation interest of the site
  • Archaeological investigation
  • Details of restaurant air extraction equipment
  • Provision of access for disabled people

Since planning permission was granted, the site and building have been inspected, original drawings obtained and enquiries about rental values made. We now know that:

  • Partial demolition and the creation of a 1st floor terrace is structurally feasible
  • The internal ground floor area of the building is 390 m2 (4200 square feet)
  • Potential revenue from commercial letting of the ground floor of the building is about £100k per annum

In order to develop the scheme design, options for using and developing the site and building need to examined and turned into a brief. Some uses could be incompatible with others, and it may be necessary to show what the different options are.

Please send your thoughts by 31st December, and let Clive Wren, the project’s architect, know if you can help
compile the brief or prepare designs and drawings. A working party would be formed early in the New Year. Contact him at:

Clive Wren,
The Courtyard,
Evelyn Road,
Telephone: 020 8742 7944
Fax: 020 8994 2902

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