Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

Jubilee Gardens progress

LBRuT have appointed a specialist design team and will seek  tenders to carry out work on the first phase of the opening of the old swimming pool site on Twickenham Riverside after 30 years of closure (See Council Press Release 28/11/11. Reference Cabinet decision of 24/11/11).

The future re-development of the riverside site has been split into, at least, two phases. The first will look at opening up the grassed area of the old pool the site for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012, creating a public green space.and town square  The second phase will consider the potential and future of the existing buildings – earmarked for community use by TRTG plans for this should be unveiled around Easter time next year.

As a recognised stakeholder in the process TRTG has had meetings with council officers and will be meeting with the design company to discuss these plans and to offer any assistance or advice based on its long tern involvement with the issues and its roots within the community.

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