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LBRuT to use Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group’s planning permission

LBRuT to use TRTG planning permission

We have had a productive meeting with two LBRuT officers, Ishbel Murray (Assistant Director Property, Parks and Sustainability) and David Sharp (Head of Construction Services) and the outsourced design team for the Jubilee Gardens project, Land Use Consultants .

As the design team’s plan’s are in harmony with TRTG’s long held vision for the site, we are comfortable with the Council using our planning permission . This will help towards enabling  the project to be delivered on time and, create amenity  open space at the town centre of lasting benefit to the public and local business.

We will continue to work with LBRuT, its officers and the design team, as well as other major stakeholders, to deliver the Riverside the community wants and to ensure the newly designed public open space remains so forever.

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