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Letter from Martin Stearman to the Council’s Development Control Office

15 November 2003
Attention of Mr Roy Summers
The Development Control Manager

Dear Sir

Planning Application 01/0540/FUL: TRTG Additional Cafe/Bar Pavilions, and Pontoon

Further to my previous correspondence and the subsequent letters from PLA dated 7 May and 24 July 2003, you will recall that a meeting with the PLA and representatives of Riverside interests was proposed.

As it appears that the opportunity for a meeting has not been taken up we have, after some consultation with others concerned with Riverside activities, prepared revised proposals which may address the specific concern expressed by the PLA regarding navigational safety.

Please find enclosed 7 copies of Drawing P2 which shows an alternative location for a new pontoon positioned closer to, and within the “lee” of the upstream supporting pier of the Eel Pie Island footbridge.

As the Drawing P2 indicates it appears possible in such a location to accommodate a pontoon (of 2m width and at 2m from the Embankment wall) of around 40m length, whilst still leaving a clear navigational channel of around 12m width, even if the existing “mid stream” moorings are retained.

We understand that the PLA may be able to consider a long awaited rationalization of the moorings in this area as a result of changes pending from the sale of the Lyon Boat Yard. Such rationalization could only serve to improve the situation; however such improvements are not essential.

Also shown on the Drawing P2 is the area proposed for the new pontoon as set out in our Application of the 6th December, together with the Alternate Location referred to in correspondence and on the original drawings as being immediately down stream of the foot bridge. We accept that this later location does not offer the benefit of the protected area created by the bridge support to the new upstream post ion that is now proposed.

In an effort to progress matters, and resolve difficulties you may have with this Application, we are happy to accept a Conditional Approval on any of the pontoon locations proposed.

Yours faithfully

Martin Stearman

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