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Letter re planning application 03/1141/FUL & 03/1142/CAC

The Government Office for London,

Your ref – planning application 03/1141/Ful & 03/1142/CAC

Dear Sirs,

I wish to lodge an objection to the above planning application by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames for the development of Twickenham Riverside, Demolition of pool buildings. I understand the GLO rules for demolition in a conservation area are-

4.27 Consent for demolition should not be given unless there are acceptable and detailed plans for any redevelopment.

4.29 …… that demolition shall not take place until a contract for the carrying out of works for redevelopment has been made and planning permission for those works has been granted.

The London Borough of Richmond do not have any plans prepared for this site, in fact there have been many aborted proposals for the site over many years. Their current suggestion for a temporary use of only one third of the site for only five years with the remainder ’boarded up’ is not even yet in the planning stage and only open to discussion through a ’challenge’ to interested bodies.

4.27 The general presumption should be in favour of retaining buildings which make a positive contribution to the character or appearance of a conservation area.

The present pool building, built in the mid 1930’s, compliments the development known as Thames Eyot adjacent on the up stream side of the pool built in the same period. With Art Deco touches both buildings compliment each other as viewed from the river and are in keeping with the period and riverside.

There are, at present, passed and approved plans to use and refurbish part of the pool building for public use, as was the original intention by the purchase of the riverside site, by Twickenham Urban District Council in 1924, for public walks and pleasure purposes.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth Elmes

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