Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

Letter to supporters

The Council has decided to extend the public consultation period for the 3 Challenge proposals,which will occupy 15-20% of the site to the 14 April 06. It is understood that there are over 250 comments to date, which represents a considerable degree of interest by the public to these proposals.

Full details costing, plans, with information on what Challenge proposal provides are obtainable from the Council Offices or web site.

If any supporter has any view on these 3 Challenge proposals please make it known to the Council before April 14th. You can email the Council.

The future of Twickenham Riverside will be an election issue, and in January we wrote to all parties asking for their views on this important local issue. Their replies are summarised as follows:-

Official Conservative policy is not known.
It is understood from Conservative publicity that it is proud of the playground and café, but fails to mention its planned removal in 2009.

Official Labour Party policy:
Develop Twickenham Riverside into a public open space with facilities for all age groups.

Official Liberal Democrat policy is not known. It is understood from Liberal Democrat Councillors for the Twickenham Riverside ward that they are in favour of keeping the playground and café but are less clear about the remaining site.

The Green Party candidate supports the use of the whole site as public open space and the River Centre proposal by the Richmond Environment Trust.

We are also pressing for clarification of the Council’s long term plans for both the existing playground and café and the remaining 80-85% of the site area which is still not used.

We have already delivered over 200 letters from families using the playground and café to the Council requesting retention of both playground & café beyond 2009 and the use of the remaining site as public open space.

When we receive any official clarification from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat parties we will keep you informed.

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