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Letter to supporters

Dear Supporter

Councils come and go but the TRTG remains, dedicated to its campaign to restore Public Open Space to the Twickenham Riverside Pool Site, after 26 years of neglect.

We have had success,helping to stop several inappropriate Commercial Development schemes. Do not forget that the present popular Children’s Playground and Café on 20% of the site are short term and are planned to be removed at any time between now and 2009.

Serge Lourie, the new leader of the Council, has stated that the Council will abide by the Government Inspector’s Report on the site. The Inspector recommended:-

  1. The restoration of the requirement to provide public conveniences;
  2. More explicit emphasis on the provision of public open space as the predominant feature of any redevelopment scheme; and
  3. The requirement that the planning brief for the redevelopment of the site indicate
    1. the extent of the public open space to be provided, which should be immutable irrespective of the time scale of any proposals; and
    2. the characteristics of the Conservation Area which justify its designation and to which new development should have regard.

The fight to implement these recommendations is just beginning, now is the time to:-

  1. Sign and obtain the support of your friends and neighbours for the attached petition which asks the Council to give an undertaking that the Playground and Café be kept open up to and beyond 2009 and that the whole site will be kept as Public Open Space (.pdf, 1 page).
  2. Help by coming to our monthly meetings. Please send us your e mail address and we will keep you informed.

Our immediate priorities are :-

  1. To keep the present Children’s Playground and Café, open.
  2. Persuade the Council to return the remaining 80% of the derelict pool site to public use as public open space.
  3. Stop the present waste of public money by the Council on preparations for a commercial sell off.

For and on behalf of the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group
John Reekie, Chairman
Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group – a community Group of Local Residents

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