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No vision on the Riverside

Note from Ron Chappell:

No Vision on the Riverside
Richmond Councils latest proposals for their 5 year short term scheme are due to come before the planning committee on the 31 July.

There is still no information available as to what they propose to provide on the site under their long term redevelopment proposals, except that the cost of consultants fees for all schemes are growing.

These short term proposals reveal a further tentative step towards site use by the public in line with the proposals most of which which already have planning permission put forward by the Twickenham Terrace Garden Group.

There is a planted area, children’s playground, seats, and the possibility of a cabin providing a combined café and public toilets.

Unfortunately the scheme only provides:

  • Public access to one quarter of the site.
  • Views of the River are through a 1.8 am high security mesh screen.
  • Does not achieve the election pledge of public access to the whole site described as a Thames side jewel!
  • It demolishes the building that could provide the planning requirement of River related uses.
  • It also demolishes the building that could provide the café,toilets and an unobstructed view of the River from the Terrace that the TRTG would provide.

We recognise that this application is the first stage of the Conservative election pledge to provide public access to the whole site, but we are concerned that their intention to redevelop the whole site will leave the public with little open space.

We await with interest the Council’s long term proposals for meeting their election pledge to “CREATE A LANDSCAPED PUBLIC RIVERSIDE OPEN SPACE…FOR THIS THAMES SIDE JEWEL”.

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