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Open letter – and 12 reasons for adopting the TGRG scheme

To: the Public and the Council

Twickenham Riverside: a Lost Opportunity

The LBRuT Cabinet is about to take the decision on Tuesday 25 February to demolish the old baths building that forms an important part of the popular Twickenham Riverside Terrace Garden Scheme. The TRTG proposals refurbish the buildings for community use, and open the whole site for public amenity and river use, with a terrace overlooking the Thames.

The Council’s decision in favour of their own Option B proposal will only open up approximately 1/3 of the site and mean total demolition of the baths changing rooms.

The Council have not considered implementing part of our proposals as a first stage use of the site even though the necessary Planning Permissions are in place and the work could start very soon.

The reason given is that the TRTG scheme is more expensive than the TRTG estimates because the Council’s advisors say so, but there has been no discussion, or reconciliation of the alleged differences in costs.

Many serious professional people have spent a lot of time putting together the TRTG scheme outlined above. It has met widespread acclaim and has been discussed with the public at packed meetings.

The TRTG scheme, whether short or long term, results in retention of the ground floor of the existing building which can be of use to the community and provide revenue. This is an opportunity that should not be lost.

12 good reasons for adopting the TRTG scheme:

  1. Flexibility short or long term
  2. Planning permission obtained
  3. No delay in implementation
  4. GOL approval obtained
  5. Environmental agency approved
  6. Community accommodation provided
  7. River related use provided
  8. Does not prejudice future development of site
  9. Can accommodate or provide the “public asset” building or facility envisaged by the Twickenham Challenge
  10. Provides recreational open space and facilities
  11. Is environmentally friendly and results in sustainable development
  12. Promotes improvements on surrounding sites

Committee of the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

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