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Open letter

Open Letter from Twickenham Riverside Terrace Garden Group Committee re the Report to Cabinet, 25 February 2003. (See text below).


24 February 2003

Dear Cllr Arbour,

Report to Cabinet 25 February 2003

We write in protest at recommendations in the Officer’s report to Cabinet that the TRTG should be excluded from the Twickenham Challenge.

Whilst the Report implies that the entirety of our proposal has been discussed by the Cabinet at the December meeting, this is patently incorrect.

The TRTG proposals for the Riverside not only include those discussed at the previous Cabinet meeting in December , but also form the subject of two formal Planning submissions which currently the subject of Public Consultation and yet to be determined.

Additionally we have other ideas and development proposals for the Riverside site and the immediate area that the TRTGG Committee has yet to make public.

We submit that the TRTG should be extended the same courtesy, and opportunity to present a credible submission, as any other interested party.

We believe that the TRTG could satisfy the proposed Twickenham Challenge criteria, and that further development of our scheme, which can take account of potential short term action by the Council, can and will constitute a valid submission for the challenge.

For and on behalf of The Committee TRTGG

Martin Stearman RIBA, MRTPI

Copy G Norton, T McKevitt, Council Cabinet, GOL and Community Web sites


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