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February 22, 2016
by Martin
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TRTG & Ron Chappell

Ron Chappell -2014

We lost Ron last year.

He had been struggling with illness

He remained focussed on what the TRTG had been set up to do, right to the end.

He kept in contact with my self and the group, willing to talk, discuss, “strategize”, write some words and try and bring others round to seeing what sense the project we were involved in made.

A project that was started pre 2000, when local Architect KenHatherway made the first Outline Planning Application  on behalf of the”public”covering the Twickenham Pool site & building, for  public open space.

We miss you Ron.

Sadly , Peggy Chappell also passed away last week


On behalf of TRTG


OUR PLANNING APPLICATION: 12/0719/FUL & the future of the CarPark/Public Toilet Site

February 22, 2016 by Martin | Comments Off on OUR PLANNING APPLICATION: 12/0719/FUL & the future of the CarPark/Public Toilet Site

A Bit OF History & An Update

If any of our older readers can remember, that TRTG as well as securing the Planning Application that enabled the Council to construct the Diamond Jubilee Garden in time for the Millennium, also made a Planning Application in 2012 (Ref:12/0719/FUL) covering the eastern end of the old lido site , including all the existing pool buildings and the Public Toilet building at the foot of Water Lane

The purpose of the later Application was to show that the existing Pool Buildings, namely the old Restaurant and the Bath House (Caretaker’s House) could be renovated and provide extra space and therefore additional facilities  that the Diamond Jubilee Gardens Trust might organize for the benefit of the wider community.

To provide income, our idea is that an extra floor might be added to the Restaurant building which could provide meeting spaces, “hot desking” facilities for some of the charities or other bodies in the area that could not provide such spaces for themselves.

The illustration below shows how the Restaurant Building might look with an added first floor.

TRTG Community Hub Colour 1

Contact with the Planning Department

TRTG have had a number of contacts, and the occasional actual meeting, even discussion with the Council on the subject of the Application; but not a decision, just a suggestion we withdraw our scheme

We have, in the process of discussions, withdrawn proposals to retain the old Public Toilet Building,  provide plans for new residential & retail buildings on the Public Toilet & CarPark sites, and submitted those to the Council , in support of our Application. WE even include an amphitheatre  at the foot of Water Lane , and an enlarged “public space” there , long before Quinlan & Terry produced their version. ( Drawings still to be upload)

Additionally we have reduced, modified, redesigned the external appearance of scheme to directly respond to the public and Officers comments  made on the Application( Drawings still to be upload)

We have demonstrated that our scheme is, in Planning Polic terms we believe consistent with the Councils Policyfor the area.…/Statement-of-compliance-12-0719-FUL.pdf

(see our previous correspondence)

Why Is Our Application Still Relevant?

We still strongly believe that the renovation of the Pool Buildings is still a sensible, cost effective idea

It might not be the final solution , but it could provide  useful early, extra accommodation, for and managed by the community

It would allow  and encourage an incremental improvement of the area. We are not convinced that grandiose visions of gardens extending down to the river are a practical or correct proposal for , what is in part a working river frontage  for Twickenham .

A Public Square on Water Lane?

One of our members came up with the idea that there should not be any development on the now available Santander/CarPark/Public Toilets sites. Why not forget development returns on the land, just put a fountain there and pave the rest!

TRTG Proposal: A link to the River on Water Lane

TRTG Proposal: A link to the River on Water Lane

Shown above is another idea, a compromise, which does a bit of both because if what’s there is demolished then  some unsightly visions could emerge!

As illustrated by the sketches below, we think there is a way to have a paved fountain , public”square and a little bit of new building, just to tidy up the edges.WE propose to put these ideas to the Council in support of our Application 12/0719/FUL



The sketch shows the possible extent of the paved area forming the “Square”

TRTG- Composite Paving on Water Lane proposal

This sketch indicates an alternative paving scheme It also shows the possible”development “sites, and extensions to the renovation of the Pool Buildings, as envisioned by our Application 12/0719/Ful

If you have comments , please let us, and the Council know.



November 30, -0001
by Administrator

Planning Application 12/0719/FUL – decision?

Please find below a letter written by TRTG on 24/6/2013 to the Planning Department of LBRuT regarding the status of Planning Application 12/0719/FUL, referencing an attached statement of compliance and seeking  news of the decision.

 37 Walpole Road
Strawberry Hill

24 June  2013.


Head of Planning
Planning Dept London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Civic Centre
44 York Street
TW1 3BZ.

Planning Application 12/0719/FUL dated March 2012

Web Site information :-
Application Received 09/03/2012 ,
Validated 19/03/2012,
Consultation Started 02/04/2012 ,
Consultation Ended 23/04/2012,
Application Assessed 

Proposals for Twickenham Swimming Pool; Bath House, Cafe Building and Toilets. Refurbishment and Additional Accommodation. Extensions and modifications to existing buildings; new hard and soft landscaping; new cafe, community uses, toilets. TW1 3DX.

Dear Head of Planning,

In view of the fact that Richmond Council ( Planning department) have not responded to the submitted documents for 12/0719 /FUL or to a number of requests to discuss the application, I have in order to resolve this matter attached a TAAP  compliance document prepared by Martin Stearman  Dip Arch, BTp, Pg TCP RIBA & TPI Retired.

This  document sets out the  compliance and conformity of the proposals in the planning application 12/0719/FUL by TRTG dated March 2012 to the final LBRuT Twickenham Area Action Plan (TAAP With Modifications Feb 2013)

In accordance with due procedure and the councils planning rules, I look forward to an early response and meeting so that we can resolve  any detail issues or matters arising from the application.

Yours faithfully,

Ron Chappell

Enc. Statement of compliance 12-0719-FUL 24/06/2013
cc TRTG Committee.