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Planning Application 12/0719/FUL – decision?

Please find below a letter written by TRTG on 24/6/2013 to the Planning Department of LBRuT regarding the status of Planning Application 12/0719/FUL, referencing an attached statement of compliance and seeking  news of the decision.

 37 Walpole Road
Strawberry Hill

24 June  2013.


Head of Planning
Planning Dept London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Civic Centre
44 York Street
TW1 3BZ.

Planning Application 12/0719/FUL dated March 2012

Web Site information :-
Application Received 09/03/2012 ,
Validated 19/03/2012,
Consultation Started 02/04/2012 ,
Consultation Ended 23/04/2012,
Application Assessed 

Proposals for Twickenham Swimming Pool; Bath House, Cafe Building and Toilets. Refurbishment and Additional Accommodation. Extensions and modifications to existing buildings; new hard and soft landscaping; new cafe, community uses, toilets. TW1 3DX.

Dear Head of Planning,

In view of the fact that Richmond Council ( Planning department) have not responded to the submitted documents for 12/0719 /FUL or to a number of requests to discuss the application, I have in order to resolve this matter attached a TAAP  compliance document prepared by Martin Stearman  Dip Arch, BTp, Pg TCP RIBA & TPI Retired.

This  document sets out the  compliance and conformity of the proposals in the planning application 12/0719/FUL by TRTG dated March 2012 to the final LBRuT Twickenham Area Action Plan (TAAP With Modifications Feb 2013)

In accordance with due procedure and the councils planning rules, I look forward to an early response and meeting so that we can resolve  any detail issues or matters arising from the application.

Yours faithfully,

Ron Chappell

Enc. Statement of compliance 12-0719-FUL 24/06/2013
cc TRTG Committee.

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