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Planning Application for Twickenham Pool Buildings & Water Lane Public Toilets

In accordance with the aims and purpose of the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group, a further planning application has been made to Richmond upon Thames Council for Phase Two of the renewal and return of the former Twickenham Pool Site and its environs to beneficial public use (Phase One is now under construction by the Council).

Phase Two is an application for the refurbishment and additional accommodation for the existing Pool site buildings, namely:-

  1. The Superintendents House, known as the Bath House and at present providing accommodation for HANDS (Help a Neighbour in Distress)
  2. The original pool side Cafe and Restaurant to provide community meeting, conference, exhibition space and a community shared office facility – allowing hot-desking and the provision of offices services – for a number of charity or social enterprise organisations
  3. The public toilets, with an upper level providing cafe and viewing area.

All Buildings will be refurbished, and will have an extra floor added with a lightweight barrel vaulted roofs and sustainable timber structure and cladding, with a “wharfside” appearance reflecting other new buildings along the river (i.e. the existing Cafe Building on the pool site and Eel Pie Island).

An open, viewing terrace will be provided on the upper floor of both the Bath House and the Public Toilet block (there will also be an Accessible Toilet at Embankment level, located within the existing Bath House garage) and new stairs linking all levels, together with an external life between the Embankment and the Diamond Jubilee Gardens levels.  It is also hoped an internal lift can also be provided, to improve accessibility for all to the buildings – which would become a focus for the community‚Äôs use of the riverside.

For more plans and designs click here

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