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Press Release: £200,000 for Council advisors

The Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group notes with concern that Richmond Council has authorised expenditure of over £200,000 for advisors, officers and public relations costs for the next 9 months work on the long-term proposals including the Twickenham Challenge.

This is understood to be the in house costs for the project to the market testing stage. In order to appoint a developer for the long term development of the site it appears that further expenditure of the order of £280,000 per year is likely to be incurred for the next five years.

No details are available for these long-term proposals, and they are likely to be dependant on future negotiation with the developer. Add to this the Council’s £1/2 million short term scheme for 5 years which will provide, a few seats, plants, security screen, and a children’s playground giving access to only 1/4 of the site. Resulting in a probable total expenditure of the order of £2 million.

This extravagant expenditure follows the pattern of history for this site where a lot of money is spent with no perceived result. This contrasts with the TRTG own viable illustrated proposals for a cost of £650,000 for the whole site which could be implemented immediately.

The question must be answered by this Council, why is this costly time consuming procedure continuing which is so wasteful of the Council tax payers money. with no tangible public benefit.

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