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Press release: planning approved

TWICKENHAM RIVERSIDE TERRACE GROUP are pleased to announce that LBRuT Council have now given a further APPROVED PLANNING PERMISSION for more detailed TRTG proposals for the landscaping, a biodiversity study garden, a public square and performance area, a children’s play area, together with an ramp for the disabled access on the Swimming Pool site.

These updated proposal were submitted last year by the TRTG so that many of the ideas that came out of the consultation work undertaken by the Twickenham Society, the TRTG and other groups could be incorporated into the regeneration of the site.

The Councils Option B plan however ignores all these proposals except the children’s play area.

If you agree that Option B is not even a good short-term scheme, then please let the Council know your views when they advertise the Planning and Conservation Area Applications to demolish the existing buildings.

From Twickenham Riverside Terrace Garden Group Committee

(The full letter from the Council confirming the notice of planning permission can be seen by application to the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group.)

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