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Progress on TAAP: LBRuT’s report, Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group’s review, next meeting…

The Twickenham Area Action Plan is progressing gradually…

There will be a public meeting of Richmond Cabinet on Thursday 20th at 7:30 p.m. at the Salon, York House, which is important in progressing plans for Twickenham Riverside.

The meeting aims to:

‘1. Agree broad principles for way forward on sites and policy principles as outlined
2. Agree the areas for further investigation and feasibility.’

It follows the Options Consultation, which was completed in September 2011, and the Full Report on Options Consultation, issued a few days ago. The Full Report can be downloaded from Richmond Borough web site.

The Full Report aims to record what happened during the consultation, to analyse the results of a questionnaire and to recommend “how these are taken forward”. TRTG has reviewed this report below.

TRTG has also set down its own conclusions. These were prompted, by some of the inadequacies of the final questionnaire, and were a reaction to Broadway Malyan’s failure to properly describe and adequately specify the Riverside Scenarios.

TRTG is pursuing clarification on one point and calling for amplification in another,  contained, in a clause of the LBRuT report:

‘It is suggested that officers/consultants review all options to consider  possible configurations of development (including sub-options), uses,  feasibility, transport issues and viability to allow a final decision to be made on  the optimum approach to be put forward in the draft plan. This review will  need to take account of any possible interim scheme currently subject of a  feasibility study. [Clause 3.14.3. (page 47) ]’

1. We have asked, ‘What are the possible interim schemes that are currently subject of a “feasibility study”?

2. We have stated our belief that the options and sub options, should include time scale and costs

We hope to get these and other points across at the meeting on Thursday, where the public are allowed to speak.

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