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Reasons to support our latest planning application

Planning Application 12/0719/FUL      

Provision of community facilities

Out latest plans include community office and social meeting facilities by the refurbishment and an additional storey to the existing pool site buildings. 

There should be no illusion that the Council or any other organisation or developer is going to build a new community office and social meeting facility of a similar area without a housing/commercial development, and the consequent loss of public land. This is an opportunity to realise a maximum community benefit at a minimum cost. We cannot afford another 30 years of neglect. 

It should be realised that the majority of the existing buildings on the pool site have not been seen for 30 years. They have been maintained up to 2001 and are now in need of refurbishment.

Our proposals will give these buildings a new lease of life and more importantly a use and life to the community. The Buildings used will be appreciated for the facilities and activities that take place within them, in fulfilling that function they become appreciated as true community buildings. 

Reason to support our planning application: 

1.   These are practical, economical realisable community funded proposals  

2.   They are environmentally sustainable because they reuse robust existing buildings 

3.   We have identified the need of community space, for local charitable organisations  and these proposals provide that much needed  meeting, office resource  and amenity space 

4.   The community benefit is entirely in keeping with public community self help criteria of the present government 

5.   These proposals improve in accommodation and appearance, the existing buildings, built with public funds for a lifetime of public service and at the same time enhancing their useful life and resource 

6.   Maintains this publicly owned site in the public realm and make them safer than hitherto from development by reason of their continued maintenance and usefulness to the community 

7.   Concerns as to architecture of the existing buildings ignore their useful accommodation and amenity potential. Such concerns can if the money is forthcoming be addressed in the future. by facade refurbishment 

8.   We should never again allow the deterioration of a piece of public land and its buildings to occur or to remain out of use for 20-30 years. Certainly, not buildings built for the public use and paid for with public money 

9.   To do nothing or start again on the basis of appearance is not a rational decision; it risks the loss of existing public land and amenity and does not guarantee any public benefit 

TRTG believes that the use of the existing buildings provides a necessary community amenity that is vital for the building and the parks upkeep, and creates a beneficial community resource integral with a community park. 

Please support our planning application by sending your comments to  the planning permission case file.

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