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Response: Peter Hunter

from Peter Hunter

I would like to convey to you my support for your proposed plans for the swimming pool site.

Having lived on Eel Pie Island (directly opposite to the swimming pool) for 34 years, I am in favour of seeing the Council prevented from destroying this important asset for the sake of commercial greed.

May I enquire as to whether any other options have been considered to provide financial support for your proposal? For example, instead of filling in the swimming pool, would it not be worth considering excavating further and turning the site into an underground car park with your park area on top of it. This could be used to double the existing parking on the Embankment or, indeed, to allow the Embankment to become traffic-free. I wonder whether an approach to someone such as NCP might not result in them financing the construction in return for a suitable period of rent-free occupancy?

Personally, I have always favoured driving a lock gate through the middle of the Embankment and excavating the existing swimming pool area into a ‘mini marina’. Some suitably expensive power boats would provide work for local boatyards, chandlers and other support industries while acting as a focal point for surrounding waterside cafes and shops. Unfortunately, such a scheme would be expensive and, of course, the Council would not condone providing such a service to the ‘undeserving rich’ even if it did mean that work and wealth could be generated thereby. Sorry if my cynicism shows – a result of advanced years, experience and my inability to suffer fools gladly.

I wish you well with your proposal.


Peter Hunter

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