Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

‘Riverside jewel to be Borough’s latest open space’

‘Community-led plans to create a new open public space, including a public square and gardens, on the site of the long-derelict swimming pool at Twickenham Riverside have been unveiled by Richmond Council.’

Lord True explains that the unveiled plan “draws on proposals from the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group which received planning permission in February. I would like to publically recognise their contribution in coming up with a scheme which is the basis for the most long-awaited improvement to the area in years. All Twickenham people who have contributed and who have helped to fight off developers more than once in the past should feel proud their scheme will light the way for the wholesale improvement of the town centre through our Twickenham Action Plan. This is community partnership at its best.”

He sees the Diamond Jubilee Gardens joining the Terrace Gardens and York House Gardens “as the latest jewel in our crown of outstanding open spaces and be part of what we hope will be a Riverside linear park in the future.”

He promises that “this Council will continue to plan for the whole site to be given in trust to the town forever. It cannot, and will no longer, be a political football or be allowed to attract the greed of developers.”

For further information go to:  Council Press Release

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  1. Compliments on the proposal but has the safety and security of the site been thought through in detail? The proposed ‘open spaced’ gardens are ‘terraced’, (TR ‘Terrace’ G!), elevated and hidden from public view. A perfect location for the less desirable members of our community.
    A check on the history of the site over the past three decades will show that it has been subjected to almost constant abuse – and still is. (It took over 20 years in consultation with the Council for us to clear the Embankment of alcoholics and drug abusers). Today, we have Security Cameras, Controlled Drinking Zone and a Dispersal Area notices in order to maintain a decent area for the community. And that is on the Embankment where members of the public pass by all the time.
    What will be the security measures taken on the proposed site once the ‘hidden’ gardens are in place? Will the site be surrounded by an unscalable fence? (The proposal to have a fence reflecting the original 30’s style fence is all very fine – but is it practical in today’s world?) Will the site be locked and secured at night? Will CCTV operate over the whole site? Will the site need to be supervised during the day? These serious questions have been raised consistently over the years but have they been addressed by TRTG? If not, then now is the time for the TRTG to show that they are serious about the well being of the community and sustainability of the site before the final plans go before the Planning Committee.

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