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A riverside in trust for the community

Submission to the Council Cabinet

Ron Chappell’s Submission to the Council Cabinet

25 February 2003

The Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group has enlisted the help of many committed building professionals, held packed public meetings has consulted the Public and has a formidable supporters base.

The TRTG scheme has been costed element by element for refurbishment, including limited demolition, flood defences, treatment and landscaping of the whole site including the existing pool and these costs are published.

Its business plan is published.

We have worked on the premise that it is not sensible to destroy an amenity which is of public benefit which can generate revenue.

Twickenham is in danger of losing its last opportunity to really consult with the public and provide a a short or long term public amenity at this site.

The full range of alternatives for this site:

  1. Whole demolition and landscaping to enable the public to use the Riverside as open space. At a cost of £200,000.
  2. Utilisation of the existing buildings creation of a riverside terrace. At a cost of £650,000.
  3. Creation of limited open space At a Capital cost of £500,000.
  4. Option B (Note the Report 10 Dec 2002: Total costs are estimated at £722,000 with Revenue costs of between £6,000 and £75,000 per year. Costs of maintenance and security: £50,000 per year.)

Twelve good reasons for adopting the TRTG scheme:

  1. Flexibility short or long term
  2. Planning Permission obtained
  3. No delay in implementation
  4. Capital approval obtained
  5. Environmental agency approved
  6. Community accommodation provided
  7. River related use provided
  8. Does not prejudice future development of site
  9. Can accommodate or provide the “public asset” building or facility envisaged by the Twickenham Challenge
  10. Provides recreational open space and facilities
  11. Is environmentally friendly and results in sustainable development
  12. Promote improvements on surrounding sites.

The Council speaks of Community participation. Your attention is drawn to 3.2.20 of the Report which is particularly relevant to the matter.

The TRTG will take part in the Twickenham Challenge.

Ron Chappell

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