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The Council’s 5 year proposals for the Pool Site

Duration 5 Years – Comment on Council’s 5 year plan for Twickenham Riverside


The Council’s 5 year proposals for the Pool Site.
The Twickenham Swimming Pool Site was purchased by the Council in 1924 as public open space. In 2001 The TRTG was set up to restore to public use the existing Twickenham Swimming Pool Site as public open space.

Our planning application was approved in Sept. 2001 by both GOL and the Council. These proposals were practical, made use of the best conservation practice and the sensible and economically viable use of the existing buildings. The cost was £700,000 for the whole site.

Instead of making use of this existing consent the Council have their own proposal which is for a short term development of 5 years allowing the public to use only 1/3 of the site, the remainder will remain fenced off and derelict.

This short term proposal has now been approved by the Secretary of State without any detailed plans for the site after the 5 year term.

The public should be aware that a large useful robust usable building will be demolished to make way for a path with two seats, duration 5 years. In addition the Council proposes to build a children’s playground on part of the site adjacent to Wharf Lane, duration 5 years.

The loss of a useful building occurs at a time when local voluntary organisations, that operate services that save the Council money are seeking accommodation. The playground could have been constructed without demolition of the building.

Result loss of a useful lettable community asset for a 5 year use by the public of 1/3 of the site.

The TRTG wishes to know what are the Councils future long term proposals for the whole site and looks forward to the implementation of the UDP Inspectors recommendations for this site which are :-

  1. The restoration of the public conveniences in Water Lane.
  2. More explicit emphasis on the provision of public open space as the predominant feature of any redevelopment scheme.

The Planning Brief for the redevelopment of the site indicates

  1. The extent of the public open space to be provided, which should be immutable irrespective of the time scale of any proposals;
  2. The characteristics of the Conservation Area which justify its designation and with which new development should have regard to.

Ron Chappell
Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

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