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What to do on the Riverside?

The Councils consultation exercise on how to modify the Quinlan Terry scheme is about to start.

We have been encouraged by the Riverside Action Group (RAG) to  publicise our work in the spirit of openness and  to achieve a “consensus solution

Our thoughts are not actually to “start again”, but reduce the amount of new buildings, open up views and access to the riverside, intergate the Diamond Jubilee Garden, all in an incremental way

We have our Planning Application, duly submitted, paid for with real monies, but still awaiting the Councils decision. That Application could provide the “core” of the change and improvment that is needed

How can we help the process forward?

Could we offer an option, or alternative?

The attached sketch drawings show how our Application 12/0719/FUL could fit into the wider conext , provide the new public open space, and visaul and pedestrian connection from the town to the river

Our proposal is a modest one, but it provides a way, using incremental steps, that the Terrace Garden and the Riverside  and Twickenham could be regenerated. We also get a new open, public space based on Water Lane which could accommodate market stalls

The ideas illustrated provides a small amount of new building , just enough to generate some “high-end” restaurant/ ofiice rents, to raise Twickenham’s town centre profile.

Tucked into the new “guildhall” buildings, providing “open access”, could be the community uses, we included in our Planning Application 12/0719/FUL, including meeting rooms, gallery, an Eel Pie museum?

There could even be “front office” Council space, to demonstrate the new “open and transparent “workings of the Council, in which all residents of Twickenham could participate and contribute.

At the Embankment level we have illustrated incorporating “boat stores”, but this space could also provide new public loo’s, and a lift up to the Diamond Jubilee Terrace Garden

If you like our ideas , please let us know via the contact email address below

Even better, let the Council know quoting Planning Application 12/0719/FUL

Martin Stearman Architect

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