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TRTG petition

In view of the fact that there are now two Inspectors Reports, one for the Borough wide UDP and one for the Twickenham Riverside. To avoid confusion the petition is for the UDP.

TRTG has recently published an open letter to all amenity societies and their members in the local press. As a follow up to this we ran a petition at the Charities fair at Twickenham Green on Bank Holiday Monday 31 May which aroused a great deal of interest and 107 signatures. This petition is still current. It says:

“We call on Richmond Council to honour the recommendations of the Government appointed Inspector asked to investigate the use of the Twickenham Swimming Pool site. These included:

  1. The provision of public open space as the predominant feature of any redevelopment scheme,
  2. The provision of public toilets,
  3. That the public open space should be immutable and that any development should have regard to the conservation nature of the area.

All these conditions are in line with the Groups own plans for a Twickenham Riverside Terrace.”

If any reader wishes to support this petition please click here to email us, telephone 020 8255 1207, or write to: PO Box 378, Twickenham, TW2 5WB.

If you wish to support us in any way we welcome new support and currently have regular local meetings.

TRTG is a non party amalgam of local residents who are concerned to safeguard the Twickenham Riverside Swimming Pool site purchased for the benefit of the public in 1924. Our plans restore this land as public open space so that the River can be enjoyed by young and old. Other action groups in the Borough have demonstrated that where there is a unified support for a definite proposal it can be achieved despite Council opposition.

We call on the public to bear in mind the unsympathetic developments in terms of public use for this site in the past and are evident elsewhere on the Thames.and join us in a positive public open space proposal.

We are aware that there is a perceived notion in some quarters that the Council can be influenced by reason. We would remind all that if this was correct then the Independent Inspector’s report would have been welcomed by this Council. Unfortunately this is not the case, and it is the reason for our petition.

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