Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

TRTG & Ron Chappell

Ron Chappell -2014

We lost Ron last year.

He had been struggling with illness

He remained focussed on what the TRTG had been set up to do, right to the end.

He kept in contact with my self and the group, willing to talk, discuss, “strategize”, write some words and try and bring others round to seeing what sense the project we were involved in made.

A project that was started pre 2000, when local Architect KenHatherway made the first Outline Planning Application ¬†on behalf of the”public”covering the Twickenham Pool site & building, for ¬†public open space.

We miss you Ron.

Sadly , Peggy Chappell also passed away last week


On behalf of TRTG


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