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Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group’s written response to the Council’s TAAP document

LDF Consultation Twickenham AAP Consultation

Please take into account the following comments on the TAAP and in particular Site TW9 

—Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group (TRTG)

Maps 7.9,7.13,7.14,7.15

Please clarify who will have the final responsibility for taking the decision over the number and locations of the 8 cafes, markets, & restaurants mentioned in the following paragraphs.


Maps 7.13 & 7.14 Removal of Bus lane King St not a practical proposal bearing in mind the necessity of a good bus service for the public and current parking restriction policies.

General comment.  Shared space is presumed to mean pedestrian shared with traffic Pedestrian priority is paramount in narrow roads and should not mean removal of pavements. Essential to have pedestrian priority installed for crossing King Street. Explain meaning of inappropriate uses..Environmental improvements should not  mean the destruction of mature chestnut trees and replacement with toy trees which offer little amenity or shade Clarify & explain “Interesting range of ground floor uses” Note says retail, leisure &residential uses. Clarify meaning of improve view (is it to improve view of parking?)and explain where the  parking area to the rear of Kings Parade located. We object to carefully landscaped car parking off the service road. Relocating parking on the SE pool side of the service road would reduce the open space of the pool site by one third, and raises considerable questions regarding the Hornbeam Trees future due to additional paving, damage by parking and to roots.

Any encroachment into public open space will reduce its usable area and its amenity as a picnic area which should be an exhaust free zone. Mature Hornbeam trees require space and light, therefore any building “pavilion style” development should not occur within the open space and its trees in order to maintain the health & vitality of the trees and green amenity. .

Embankment & Public toilets area includes MOL. This should be defined on drawings. Relocation of car parking from embankment should not reduce the area of public open space ( see .Pedestrian priority can be helped with traffic calming measures.

The performance and events space on the pool site will encourage public use and activity such as Garden & Flower shows ,markets music performance large screen vision projection of important sporting events open air roller & ice skating etc.

7.5..5.7 Reuse of existing buildings for community use is an essential element of the need to bring activity to the town centre, and will help provide the viability of this amenity area. It will enable the maintenance and future improvement to be funded.

Box 3

Work has started on the interim scheme referred to after over 20 years of neglect. The scheme hs been universally welcomed, is vitally important to the well being of the town and its riverside and will act as a public magnet for the riverside. The improvement now being carried out together with that already completed  should be considered permanent. It should preclude any future proposals in the action plan that remove or amend any of the hard fought for community gains in public open space and existing buildings achieved to date.

It has always been evident that the most suitable site for commercial/residential development lies with the owners of King Street and any proposals to improve riverside access, parking and development are best incorporated in any future scheme proposed for the King St  block. The King St properties will benefit from the open space & view created to the river. The pool site is too small to accommodate any future erosion of its land area or amenity. It will assist in the regeneration of the town centre by its location and the full realisation of its potential for accommodating community activity and use, enabling community use of & adapting its existing buildings. This sites viability; long term maintenance & improvement rely on revenue generated by public use of the open space and its buildings. To this end please clarify the detail of the Council funding bids mentioned.

Yours sincerely

Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group Committee

Twickenham Area Action Plan

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