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Twickenham Riverside – an alternative

Twickenham Riverside
In the near future your Council will be exhibiting its selected developer proposals based on the Council’s own Draft Development brief (dated 14 May 2008) and Invitation to Participate Document (not available to the public).

These proposals could contain the following:-

  • High quality Public open space, using the central part of the site for the maximum amount of publicly accessible open space. All in accordance with the Council’s Planning requirements, and the existing Twickenham T1 Planning brief. A replacement playground equal in size and equipment to the present popular children’s playground, which is removed and repositioned plus a River Centre. These are funded by housing with a mix of dwelling sizes.
  • 3 Storeys terraced town houses with small gardens and balconies along a new service road with stunning views over the high quality public open space.
  • New flats on the site of the existing children’s playground 4 storeys in height a stunning location for car free one and 2 bedroom flats with balconies. None of this housing will be affordable.

The Alternative
TRTG illustrates its new vision for the public open space use of the site. By keeping the popular already constructed and paid for existing public amenities, the children’s playground, cafĂ©, and Jubilee garden, TRTG propose to complete the process of restoring public use of the whole of the pool site for future generations young and old by enabling public use of the remaining site and its existing buildings. (See Twickenham Riverside Terrace Garden Project image below).

Perspective view: TRPP 12 REV D 28/01/09. (Previously approved drawing TRPP 12 amended as rev C 06/02/03, under Approval 01/0540 and 01/0540/DD01, AREA A on Plan TRPP 12 REV D)

Perspective view: TRPP 12 REV D 28/01/09. (Previously approved drawing TRPP 12 amended as rev C 06/02/03, under Approval 01/0540 and 01/0540/DD01, AREA A on Plan TRPP 12 REV D)

TRTG have illustrated achievable proposals for the pool site. Public open space use of the whole site is backed by a 5000 plus petition that is growing daily. By utilising existing buildings with additional structure, creating a new viewing terrace which can be extended in the future, a larger restaurant, the refurbishment of the existing toilets. Public use sport and entertainment facility and activity space for young and old.

These proposals are not set in stone, they can be carried out on a step by step incremental basis, and can be adjusted, and modified over time to suit perceived needs.

These proposals are underpinned by a practical economic, environmentally conscious use of existing resources by making best use of existing land and building structure in the interest of the community on a prime Riverside site in the centre of Twickenham. They can be achieved provided there is a willingness to cooperate. TRTG wish to work with the Council, other community organisations and conservation bodies in order to achieve this goal.

Economic sustainable use of the site can be achieved at a minimum cost. By a wide choice of community uses this prime Riverside site can be a benefit to all ages as well as helping to assist in the regeneration of Twickenham Town Centre.

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