Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

Twickenham Society Proposals

Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group, at their weekly meeting on Wednesday, night welcomed the new submission to The Council from the Twickenham Society Group on the development of the Twickenham Riverside.

“We welcome any form of ‘Twickenham Challenge’ to this development” said chairman John Reekie. The Group this week put in to the council the new amendments to the planning consent they hold, as promised at last weeks public meeting in St Mary’s parish hall.

Always open in all our discussions and planning with other local bodies and Council Officers we are confident we meet the Council criteria of ‘public benefits’ and are concerned to keep this ‘public asset’ firmly in the hands of the people of Twickenham.

We can deliver a workable and viable proposal for this important site, by removing the top half of the old baths and refurbishing the ground floor with affordable accommodation for community activities and the retention of the stairway from the terrace to the embankment. A new pontoon for river traffic is also proposed.

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