Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group

A riverside in trust for the community

Update: The Terrace Group’s Submission to the Council

The submission gives an up-to-date picture with costings for the Twickenham Terrace Garden on the existing Twickenham riverside open air swimming pool site.

Planning permission for the basic scheme has been granted by the Council and approved by the Secretary of State, Government Office for London. The proposals take into account consultation with the public and local amenity organisations, are environmentally friendly, respect the riverside location and the historic use and dedication of the site as public open space.

The submission illustrates a realistic programme in terms of construction, provision for maintenance, upkeep and revenue. These proposals will promote public use of the town centre and its businesses, and help to maintain Twickenham’s unique riverside setting and the value of its surrounding property.

Keeping the land in public ownership ensures that there is a flexibility of use which could allow the restoration of original public facilities, or provision of new ones that future generations might welcome.

At the Council elections in May, the Conservatives’ policy for this site was stated to be that it should become a landscaped public riverside open space.

In order to assist this Council in making a decision that is in line with what the public wish to see it is important that you make your views known to this Council. You can contact your Councillor or find out who he or she is via the Council’s website’.

TRTG submission

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